Interested in advertising your blog or business on Delightful Order? I'm delighted! Thank You. I'm currently accepting NEW SPONSORS.

Delightful Order began in October 2010 and has been continually growing ever since. The blog is viewed by many followers who love DIY, organizing, decorating and the like. 



Overall page-views: 11,422,335 +  *This does not include our feed subscriber views or email subscriber views.*


Over 35,000 followers, between Feed Burner & Email Subscribers, Facebook and Instagram followers.



Your ad is placed on the blog sidebar, which shows up on all pages.  Along with that, I will also do a monthly blog post showcasing your blog or business.

Our current prices are:
(250 x 250 pixel ad): $50.00 per month or $135.00 per 3 months
(125 x 125 pixel ad): $20.00 per month or $45.00 per 3 months

Sponsor transactions are set up via paypal.

Contact me: delightfulorder(at) (with the word "advertising" in the subject line) to order your space today.

If your interested in advertising your business through a giveaway here on the blog, Contact me for further details @ delightfulorder(at)