My Home Command Center

I’m in the middle of the Two Week Organizing Course right now. I love getting my home in order and all organized. It’s feeling so great!

Paperwork and Home Command Centers are part of the course.

Today, I wanted to share my command center with you all.

I’ve set up a small wall in my back entry to serve as a command center.

The thing that I use the most is my dry erase calendar. It’s 18x24, so the days have a lot of writing room. I use a wet erase marker to write daily appointments, reminders, notes, to do’s and more on this calendar. I use a wet erase marker, vs. a dry erase marker so appointments can’t easily be erased.

The awesome thing about my calendars is that you use them over and over, erasing and writing in each month. I love these things and I have a bunch of different designs in my Etsy shop. They are available as an instant download and then you have them printed locally. Frame under glass or plexiglass and write on the glass with a dry (or wet) erase marker. I also sell calendars in Rose & Thorn Boutique in Woodland, WA and in Rusty Glamour in Battle Ground WA.


I’ve used the same frame as my calendar and attached chicken wire to the back of it to hang cards, invites and photo’s from family & friends. Here is one that is similar.


You can find this calendar in my Etsy Shop HERE.


Another thing used everyday is my boys’ weekly chore charts. I’m a big believer in children having chores. I also have many different chore charts in my Etsy Shop right here.


The pen/marker holder is from Amazon and the Paper Organizer is from Ikea. You can find similar ones on my favorites page.

It’s a small space, but keeps this family organized.

May you be a little inspired,

Until next time,