Boys Bathroom Makeover

A few years back, I gave my boys bathroom a makeover.

I painted the cabinets with Farmhouse Paint in creamy linen color. I love Farmhouse Paint! I use it all the time on furniture & cabinets.  There is absolutely no prepping needed and no need to wax in the end, which is my favorite part. 

My father in law added beadboard to the wall, and I added hooks for towels.

I found a set of extra long window curtains and I used those as the shower curtain. I hung it at the ceiling.  Hanging a curtain at the ceiling makes the room feel bigger.  There are actually 2 rods. One for the striped curtain and one for a liner. 

Here are a few "during" photos. I totally forgot to take before photos of this room, but you can see what the cabinets and walls use to look like. I painted the walls too.

I like the room much better now.


It feels cleaner and brighter in here now.

May you be truly inspired.

Until next time,