Garage Makeover

Last fall,  I was planning on hosting a sign painting workshop with a bunch of my friends. The best place for the workshop was going to be in my garage, so I needed to clean up the space and give my garage a little makeover. 

This is what my garage looked like before:

So I got to work. I did a TON of painting. I touched up the walls with my white wall paint and then painted the doors and even the freezer in farmhouse paint, gray limoge color.


I brought in a bookcase and a piece of furniture that I had elsewhere and painted them in farmhouse paint, antique black color:


I wanted a dramatic piece above this area. It needed to be organized, It needed to hold a bunch of stuff and I wanted it to look nice. So I called up my father in law and asked him to  build a massive framed peg board. He brought it over and installed it the very next day:


My father in law is amazing! I dream and he builds. So super cool! 

I stained the frame to this awesome peg board and brought a little Delightful Order to this massive piece:

and I LOVE it! I'm totally taking this with me when we move. Which is soon. We are moving soon.

I made some chalkboard looking labels for all my bins and totes...


... and cleaned up the rest of the garage. Then I added some signs and all the things that I needed for the workshop and I was totally happy with the end result:


Take a look at the before and after photo's together:

Amazing right?!  I LOVE a challenge like this. It's a lot of work, but SO worth it.  

How about you? Do you love taking a space and re-doing it as much as I do?

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May you be a little inspired.

Until Next Time,