Organizing Papers, Mail, Bills & Receipts

Papers, mail, bills, receipts. All that stuff just keeps coming into your home on a day to day.

It can get overwhelming at times, unless you have a good system set up to keep it all in order and organized nicely.

Today, I’m sharing what I do in my home to keep it all organized.


The biggest thing that I use is my all in one planner.

It’s just a 3 ring binder with a printable set that I’ve created and I’ve been using it for years.

You can get this set right here in my Etsy Shop. Simply print it out, pop some holes into the paper and add the pages to a 3-ring binder.

This is my process for BILLS:

I currently use this monthly budget printable set:


It has 12 pages - January through December. You can find this printable set in my Etsy Shop here.

When bills come in, I write it out on this sheet and paperclip the bill behind this sheet, until I pay the bill. Once I sit down and pay bills, I check the paid box and write the check # down and file the bill in a “paid bills” file drawer. I do have some automatic payments set up online and I still track those on these sheets.

This has been the best way for me to keep track of my bill paying. I love this system. I’ve tried to change it up over the years and I keep going back to this.

I understand that a lot of people do online payments, and that is fine. I enjoy sitting down, writing it all out and actually being able to see it all in front of me and I do enjoy writing checks, so I will continue to do this for now.

For MAIL: I go through my mail everyday, standing over a garbage or a recycling can and toss that which I don’t need. Then I open the envelopes and put the rest of the paperwork exactly where it should go in my all in one planner.

I keep my RECEIPTS organized with these handy little organizers:

This system works great for me and my household.

Creating a system that works for you and then putting everything where it’s suppose to be is the best way to keep papers, mail, bills and receipts organized.

It’s like the saying goes “create a place for everything and put everything in it’s place.” It works. It totally does. If you don’t have a good system set up yet, try it.

May you be a little inspired,

Until Next Time,